Friday, March 7, 2008

Rukuns of Solah (24/2/08)

Munyatul Musolli 24 Feb 2008

Continuing with rukuns of solah:

  • 5. Ruku', which is bowing down with both palms reaching down each knee. MUST include toma'ninah (pause a while before the next move).
  • 6. I'tidal, which is rising up from ruku', with toma'ninah.
Said Ustaz Zakaria: Sunnah to say "Sami'Allahu liman hamidah" while rising, followed by "Rabbana lakal hamd" while in proper standing. Make sure you pause all movement (toma'ninah) before proceeding with sujud.
  • 7. Sujud (prostrate) twice. Each with toma'ninah.
Conditions of sujud:
  • Must sujud on something or article of clothing that you do not carry. Example: Permissible to sujud on the tail of turban that is long enough such that it doesn't rise together when you raise your head. 2nd example: Permissible to sujud on part of telekong cloth (for women) that doesn't rise together when you rise.
  • The following must be in contact with the floor: forehead, both palms and all fingers, and all toes. The forehead must be (a little bit) pressed downwards. The posterior must be in higher position than the head.
Wallahu a'lam

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