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Rule on Logic (RT 14/7/07)

Risalah Tauhid 14 July 2007

I missed this session, so I'm merely translating what's on the kitab.

Types of Ruling by Intelligence

When presented with a certain subject to decide whether acceptable or not, human intelligence will respond within 3 types of verdict:

  • That subject Must be true (Wajib ‘Aqli)
  • That subject is impossible to be true (Mustahil ‘Aqli)
  • That subject may or may not be true (Ja’iz/Harus Aqli)

Example of Wajib ‘Aqli – When it is said that Allah is “Qidam”, then it is not acceptable to say He is not.
Example of Mustahil ‘Aqli – When it is said that Allah is “New”, then this is impossible. This will be proven in later lessons InsyaAllah.
Example of Ja’iz ‘Aqli – When it is said that someone is at times standing still, and at other times in motion.

Wajib ‘Aqli itself is divided into 2:

  • Dhoruri – simple or sensible, without need of proof. Example: it is wajib ‘aqli doruri to say 1 is half of 2.
  • Nazhori – complex. In need of proof or deliberation. Example: To establish that Allah exists, we have to come up with evidence and lenghty deliberation.

Wallahu a'lam

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