Friday, March 28, 2008

Poem - Why Learn Islam the Traditional Way

Excellent piece by a brother who reverted to Islam, then trapped in this strange so-called-dogma, then alhamdulillah found the right way to enjoy Islam. Im’sure he’s enjoying Islam just like I am. So make sure you learn Islam from the right syaikhs and the right way.

By: Aaron Haroon Sellars © 2007

Before Islam I was lost
And after Islam I was lost
Between this and that group
Was I tossed

A bookstore Shaykh
Not even worth a dollar
With do-it-yourself Islam
Who needs a scholar?

Tossed so much
Might as well been a salad
I was quoting Hadeeth
But my wudu was invalid

If I can’t purify my outer
Then what about my inner?
Piles of books
But still a big sinner

What I know, doesn’t show
And now I know better
That’s what happens without the spirit
And only the letter

So attach myself I must
To scholars with unbroken chains
For this is the means
By which pure knowledge remains

Wallahu a'lam

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