Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunnah Hi'ah (MM 30/3/08)

Munyatul Musolli 30 Mar 2008

Continuing with "sunnah hi'ahs" in solah:

13. It is sunnah to say the "takbiratul-intiqalat" at 5 places in solah:

  1. while bowing for ruku'
  2. while stooping down for the first sujud
  3. while sitting up from the first sujud
  4. while lowering the head for the second sujud
  5. while rising from the second sujud
14. Sunnah to raise both hands exactly like you do for takbiratul-ihram during:
  1. bowing for ruku'
  2. raising from ruku' for i'tidal
You start raising both hands when you start moving your head (up/down) to perform the above

15. Sunnah to raise both hands while rising from the non-final tasyahhuds.

Wallahu a'lam

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