Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunnah Hai'ah (23/3/08)

Munyatul Musolli 23 March 2008

'Sunnah Hai’ah are voluntary elements in solah. As opposed to 'Sunnah Ab’ad', leaving it does not warrant 'Sujud Sahwi'. There’re many of them, but here are examples:

1. Raise both hands at beginning of 'takbiratul ihram'.The palms are opened and level with the shoulders. The fingertips straightened upwards and level with the uppermost part of the ears. The thumbs level with the earlobes.

2. Then lower both hands and place them underneath the chest. Clasp the right over the left wrist.

3. Perform the above (1) and (2) while saying the takbir.

Said Ustaz Zakaria: Say “Allahu…” while raising the hands, and “…Akbar” when resting them under the chest.

4. Recite the 'Do’a Iftitah'.

5. Say the 'ta’awuz' in each rak’ah – "A’uzubillahi mina syaitonirrajim”.

6. Say “Amin” after finishing 'Fatihah'. Say it loudly in the 'loud' solahs and silently in the 'silent' solah. Also say “Amin” together with the imam.

7. Pause (saktah) between end of Fatihah and saying “Amin”.

8. Pause between saying “Amin” and the start of next surah.

9. Pause between the surah and ruku’.

10. Recite a surah after Fatihah for the first 2 rak’ahs. For solah in congregation, this is sunnah for the imam only, while for solo, it is sunnah for everybody.

11. Length of surah is chosen as follows:
  • Long surahs for Subuh
  • Shorter for Zuhur
  • Medium length for Asar and Isya’
  • shortest surahs for Maghrib
12. Recite following surahs for Subuh of Friday: Alif-Lam-Mim Sajdah and Hal-Ata.

Added Ustaz Zakaria: In kitab fiqh by Tok Kelaba, it is sunnah to say do’a “Rabbighfir-li-wa-li-walidaiya' between Fatihah and Amin. This is for Fatihah reciters only, not for the ma’mums who are about to say “Amin” for imam’s Fatihah.

Wallahu a'lam

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