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You Muslim? Read this.. (RT 12/8/07)

Risalah Tauhid 12 Aug 2007

To each muslim, it is compulsory to know and be convinced that God must have all-perfect attributes. Knowing him takes on the following criteria:

  • (1) True conviction – convinced with God attributes unwaveringly.
  • (2) Consensus – identify those attributes in accordance to Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah.
  • (3) Proof – able to associate those attributes with dalils or worldly evidence.
Unfortunately, muslims who do not fulfill (1) and (2) are labelled as unbelievers (kafirs).
Those who are unable to associate with dalils, and blindly following others without proofs are called performing a "taqlid" (imitation). Until they try to learn to establish (3), they are considered "fasiqs" (defiant). These are positions of our ulama'.

Doing taqlid is dangerous. Sometimes you blindly follow your teacher, parents etc. In case they reverse their conviction, are you going to do the same? That's why you have to study ilmu "Aqa'id Al-Iman" (Tauhid) religiously. It is OK to do taqlid on Ilmu Fiqh, but not on Tauhid.

Said Ustaz Zakaria: You have to get a proper lesson in order to establish (1-3) and become convinced. All these we do to protect ourselves from going astray. True conviction (yaqin) comes in 3 levels:
  • Ilmul yaqin - you get after you learn in the proper Islamic way.
  • Ainul yaqin - you get after obtaining "warid".
  • Haqqul yaqin - obtained by those who already become "Friends of Allah" (Auliya' Allah).

Wallahu a'lam

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