Friday, April 18, 2008

Be Prudent with Solah (MM 13/4/08)

Munyatul Musolli 13 April 2008

Said Hasan Basri (rh): Those who performs solah but his heart is somewhere else, then he is closer to torture of Jahannam.

It is also said in a hadith that we gather as follows:

Reward in a solah for a (God's) servant is not much more than how long he is in presence with his God.

So it is said that when a muslim performs solah, it is written only 1/6, or sometimes not even 1/10 of the reward. On the other hand, it is also promised that another muslim who is totally immersed in his solah will reap the full reward.

O people who crave sweeteness of communicating with God, may God’s mercy be upon you. So work hard to attain khusyu’ in your solah:

  • Be sincere that your solah is for God alone.
  • Understand and pay attention to all recitations. Do not hasten them.
  • Be firm in your ruku’, sujud and toma’ninah. Do not hasten them and make yourselves look like a chicken pecking on its feed.

Solah is not valid without toma’ninah. What we understand from a hadith:

Those who are not khusyu’ in their solah, and who hasten their ruku’ and sujud are the worst of thieves.

Wallahu a'lam

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