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Sifats Mustahil (RT 2/3/08)

Risalah Tauhid 2 March 2008

The 'impossible to have' attributes of God

It is obligatory to know the sifats that shall never be attributed to God. While in previous lessons whe learned the 20 sifats that God must have (sifats wajib), now we about to learn the 20 sifats God is completely free of (sifats mustahil).

A muslim has to be able to identify this one by one. It is serious error if one fails to do so, and is liable to be labeled as an unbeliever (kafir). In comparison, if one fails to follow a fiqh (jurispundence) ruling correctly, he is merely labeled sinful.

1. 'Adam
Means 'non-existent'. It is impossible (mustahil) that God does not exist.

2. Huduth
Means 'new'. It does not make sense to say God only came to existence recently. In fact God had no beginning (as we learned before this).

3. Thuru-wul-'Adam
Means 'desist from existence'. It is impossible that God will die off.

4. Al-mumathalatul-hawadith
Means 'similar to those that are new (created)'. Unlike all things created, God is not a bodily matter, nor has a place or dimension. He is not big or small in size or anything comparable to its creations. God doesn't take benefit from the things He created, and He created things not because He needs to derive benefit from them.

Said Ustaz Zakaria:

  • Nowadays people tend to spot wrongdoings committed by others, while overlook their own.
  • Those teaching religious lessons should stress the danger of being ignorant in Ilm Tauhid.
Wallahu a'lam

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