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Arguments for Twenty Sifats (RT 27/4/08)

Risalah Tauhid 27 Apr 2008

Dalils -‘Aqli and -Naqli regarding the Twenty Sifats

Note: Dalils mean ‘proofs’ or ‘evidence’. ‘‘Aqli’ means ‘by reason’ while ‘Naqli’ means ‘by revelation‘. Dalil ‘Aqli refers to proofs that we deduce by reasoning. Dalil Naqli refers to proof that is beyond human intelligence, but relayed to us by means of Al-Quran and ahadith.

Make it known that it is compulsory for each Muslim to produce a general Dalil ‘Aqli on the sifats (characteristics) of God.While it is compulsory for a Muslim community to have at least one person who is able to describe a Dalil ‘Aqli for each sifat in detail. This is also the rule for responsibility of bringing about Dalil Naqli of God’s charateristics.

A ‘general’ Dalil refers to the ability to establish simple proof s of God’s characteristics. Example: ‘God exists’ is proven by His creation of this world. However this is a straightforward evidence, and cannot be used to substantiate an argument.

As opposed to a ‘general’ one, a ‘detailed’ Dalil is strong enough to refute a wrong allegation. And it is able to shed light on certain doubt. A Detailed Dalil is a statement that contains an ‘introduction’ and a ‘conclusion’, which we will explain later.

A Detailed Dalil is also known as ‘Burhan’.

So a Burhan establishes each of God’s characteristics, and refutes the opposition.

Some conclusions from Ustaz Zakaria:

  • We want to have faith that is accompanied by proofs, not faith by following other prople blindly.
  • Some ‘ulama have said: ‘The beginning of deen (religion), is getting to know God’
  • Islamic knowledge has many branches. If we study many of them, but have left out Tauhid, Fiqh, and Tasawwuf, then we are still sinful.
  • Once we master the Detailed Dalil, we achieve a higher station of faith – ‘’Ilmul Yaqin’.
Wallahu a'lam

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